Laetitia St Baker


“It’s time to start working ‘on’ your business not just ‘in’ your business.” - Laetitia St Baker


Laetitia St Baker (BSc (Hons), UQ MBA) has over 30 years of small business development and leadership experience.

After founding, growing and eventually selling two successful businesses Laetitia found a passion for sharing her expertise through:

Laetitia founded Catering with Flair in 1983 and Minjerribah Holiday Camp in 1993, gaining a wealth of experience in running a business. Her passion for people, quality and creating meaningful connections allowed both businesses to flourish under her leadership. Minjerribah Holiday Camp and Catering with Flair were built from the ground up and have experienced sustained organic growth and were sold in 2013 and 2010 respectively.

Catering with Flair Pty Ltd was the first brain child of Laetitia. Starting out as a sole-operator, she steadily grew the business to the point where she was managing a team of 120+ staff and catering around 40 - 60 events per week. This award-winning catering company went on to be recognised as one of the pre-eminent wedding caterers in Queensland.

While growing Catering with Flair, Laetitia founded Minjerribah Holiday Camp Pty Ltd, a company that specialised in educational accommodation, supplying services to schools, universities, clubs and specialised interest groups. Under Laetitia’s guidance Minjerribah Holiday Camp hosted approx. 150 - 200 guests per camp and catered around 4500 meals per week.

Laetitia St Baker’s role within both businesses oversaw the complete operations of both companies, dealing with all commercial, financial and regulatory aspects. Since the inception of both businesses Laetitia was the key driver of:

  • The commercial conception and offerings of both Catering with Flair and Minjerribah Holiday Camp.

  • The setup of the corporate structures and internal corporate compliance and auditing regimes.

  • The development of successful business models that ensured healthy profitable companies and their key points of differentiation from their respective competitors.

  • The successful sale and realisation of the value created in both companies.

Laetitia’s real work experiences led her to finding her passion for small business consulting and acting as a business mentor, when friends and family began asking her for advice on various ventures. As she watched these businesses grow she found a sense of purpose in helping others. Eventually she embarked on her journey to complete her MBA at the University of Queensland, and was placed on the Deans Honour Roll, giving her the theory based knowledge behind what she’s spent over three decades putting into practice.



It’s my passion to help you stand out and be the best in your business.
— Laetitia St Baker
Business Coach Brisbane Laetitia St Baker

based in brisbane, Laetitia is a business coach with many areas of expertise, and knows that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to working with business owners.

A few of the areas Laetitia specialises in include:

  • Assisting with the set up and establishment of new businesses

  • The renovation of existing businesses:

    • Increase revenue and profits through refining operations and systems, building relationships and developing a sustained competitive advantage.

  • Coaching and training for management and staff.

although Laetitia’s background makes her highly sought after for hospitality consulting (food, tourism and accommodation businesses), her knowledge and skills are just as relevant to any sector.