An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin



Keynote Speaking

Laetitia has 30+ years’ experience leading people, growing businesses and creating uplifting work environments, and now shares her expertise as a business and motivational speaker.

Choose one of the Laetitia’s keynote inspirational speeches or we can customise a speech to your specific needs.  Each Speech is tailored to the required length.

While Laetitia is based in Brisbane she has spoken Australia wide and is always open to the opportunity of travel.

The Keys to Business Success

Laetitia will share her personal formula and insights into developing a successful business and achieving sustained competitive advantage.

  • Defining success

  • Passion and Hard Work

  • Authenticity, Reputation and relationships

  • Continuous Innovation and operational efficiency

  • Work to your Strengths and Outsourcing

Give your Sales and Profit Margins a Boost

Laetitia will outline the key strategies to increase your sales and profit margins.

  • Monitoring your Metrics

  • Data analytics

  • Operational Efficiencies

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media

Creating a Positive Culture

Laetitia will share her tried and tested beliefs on how to build a culture where everyone wants to come to work… including you!!

  • Happy staff, Happy customers

  • Authenticity

  • Friendship, loyalty, fulfilment

  • Team Building and sense of belonging

  • Rewards and Traditions

Creating High Levels of Staff Retention

Laetitia’s average staff retention rate in her businesses was 12+ years.  Laetitia will highlight the key insights into increasing your staff retention.

  • The importance of long-term staff retention

  • Culture and Team Building

  • Make a positive difference

  • Relationships and Bonding

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