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Find out why Laetitia St Baker is one of the leading small business consultants in Brisbane

What I liked most about working with Laetitia for over 10 years, was the way she managed her staff; friendly and non-patronising. She really wanted to make a positive difference in our lives! I admire her willingness to consistently offer high-quality service while taking care of everyone involved, from staff to clients.
— Miranda Layton – 2IC  - Minjerribah Holiday Camp and Catering with Flair
I have known and worked with Laetitia for over 30 years. During this time Laetitia’s boundless work ethic and aptitude has created in her a keen business acumen.
Leatitia’s word is her bond – what she promises she delivers. She is 100% client focused and is also a great mentor to staff and friends.
— Andrew Mirosch - Chef & Hospitality Consultant
With Laetitia’s help in defining the positioning and a business strategy, my charity immediately showed benefits during the process of expansion into Australia. Her experience in running multiple businesses gave my charity access to a winning strategy and access to relevant connections. If you are looking for someone to help you with your business strategy, Laetitia would be an excellent choice.
— Andy Radice – President of WeShamwari, a Swiss Charity
Laetitia has helped us dramatically. At any given time, I can see exactly what’s happening in our new business. She simplifies our finances and business approach and makes a usually complicated process easy.
— Melissa Hansen – Owner – Queens Only Nail Polish
Laetitia St. Baker was engaged by the Abbey Museum to cater for our annual Medieval Banquets for several years. Laetitia was always extremely professional in all that she did and she was committed to providing quality product.  Laetitia was very easy to work with and accommodating the needs and requirements of our unique event.
— Edith Cuffe, Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology Director
Listening to Laetitia’s speech at one of our events, about how to run a successful business, was truly inspirational! Laetitia’s incredible experience in running a profitable business and her practical leadership skills examples, were appreciated by the whole audience. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
— Diego Giraldo – President JCI Brisbane
I have known Laetitia St Baker for 25 years and worked in both Catering with Flair and Minjerribah Holiday Camp. Laetitia was exceptionally dedicated and involved in all aspects of both businesses. She always gave 100% to her clients to ensure excellent service at all times. Laetitia created a happy and rewarding environment in which to work.
— Geneve Hague – Manager Minjerribah Holiday Camp
As a business owner, Laetitia was easy to deal with and her help was really appreciated. The assistance and support we received was excellent. Her dedication, creativity, and motivation skills are definitively extraordinary!
— Melissa Matuchet – Manager Catering with Flair
Laetitia has been integral in assisting me with the establishment of a foundation in my fathers’ memory, The Des Sturgess Foundation. There is no way I could have achieved this without her guidance. Her mentorship would be asset to any organisation.
— Ann Sturgess, Registrar Family Court
Laetitia was brilliant to work with; we were given more guidance and support than we knew we needed. Thanks to her training and mentorship, I continued my studies and eventually became an Event Manager at a major conference center. Thank you Laetitia!
— Amy Forrester– Function Manager - Catering with Flair

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